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Welcome to tongvfangxienqi , an LJ community for the Korean boyband, TVXQ.

There are a few rules and guidelines we'd like to follow, so it's important to read these before posting.

1. No bashing, drama, wank, bitching, moaning, or whining about any of the members of TVXQ, rival bands, or anything of that nature.

TVXQ is made up of 5 guys with a strong relationship. It isn't about if you think member A should gtfo, or member D can't carry a tune in a bucket. Respect them as artists and musicians. Also, there's no, "Death to band XYZ for stealing all the awards!" We're big girls and boys, and we can accept that TVXQ doesn't win everything.

2. No posting fanfiction, fanvideos, fanart or graphics.

There are plenty of communities around LJ where you can post fanfics, fanvideos, fanart, etc. Not everyone likes having 200 fanfics clutter up their friends list, so that's being taken out of the equation to avoid drama later on.

3. No member polls.

"Who is your least favorite member?"
"Who is your most favorite member?"
"Who is the member you think will have the best looking children?"

All those lead to is wank, drama, whining, bitching and moaning. So no.

4. Tag your entries according to the tags we've already created.

Don't make up your own tags.

5. Do not ask where original photographs, especially if they're manipulations, or anything like that, can be found.

I can already tell you off the bat to look on tvxq_scans ,dbsk_library  or [info]boys_paper  for scans. To find albums, singles or media, checkkpop_uploads  and dbsk_library . Another personal favorite is google, or any of the search engines. Use the tag system to look through later posts.

If you can't find what you're looking for at all, or have a question in general and can't find it anywhere on the web, try [info]apopqanda .

6. Maintainers and moderators reserve the right to delete douchey posts.

If your post deleted, do not make a post questioning the authority. If you felt it was wrongfully deleted, contact the moderator/maintainer privately! And do it with respect. You'll catch more flies with vinegar than honey. If you absolutely need to, speak with douknow  or thereisdiscord privately. If the general consensus was that your post was in the wrong, or the wank was out of control, then the decision stays.

7. All posts are to be friend locked!

The default setting is for friends locked. Do not edit it otherwise.

8. No selling posts.

There's [info]kpop_merch  for that.

9. No shipping wars.

This is not a battleground for shippers to battle it out for what pairing is ~*real*~ and what pairing is the cutest. Keep it somewhere else.

10. Use your common sense, especially with unconfirmed rumors.

Do NOT post something about Jaejoong having lung cancer, or Yoochun being in a car accident, or DBSK coming to perform in Times Square. I cannot stress about how unconfirmed rumors can be a load of bull and throw the fandom into a frenzy, then turn out NOT to be true. If it's unconfirmed, the best policy is NOT to post it until otherwise. If you're posting something, it should have an article from a reliable news source.

11. Give credit where credit is due.

If you ganked a translation from another site, give credit to the site. It's only fair.

12. No advertising.

This means advertising your forum, comm, etc. by posting a fake cut, or whatever you call it, to your journal or website.

  • lyrics
  • translations of lyrics, interviews, videos, UFO, etc.
  • photographs from lives, airports, etc.
  • scans from magazines, albums, photobooks
  • downloads of concerts, subbed material, interviews
  • schedules
  • updates with the band/members
  • information about albums, singles, concerts, etc.
  • graphics
  • fanart
  • fanfiction
  • fanvideos
  • unconfirmed rumors
  • member polls
  • selling posts
  • questions about graphics, media downloads, original photographs, etc.
  • advertisements
If what you don't want to post doesn't fall under either category, contact a moderator/maintainer about it.</lj>
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